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Our Services

No matter what your needs are, you can count on Coast to Coast Abatements for the support you deserve. We see each customer as unique, which is why all of our services can be completely personalized to fit specific needs and preferences. Browse through our comprehensive range of services below to learn more about what we can do for you.

Mold/Air Quality Testing

Do you have flu or allergy like symptoms? If so, it may be due to mold, and air quality testing may be a valuable service for you. Swab testing, tape lift samples and air quality testing are all available upon request. We also provide detailed consultation to analyze lab reports and results, this is crucial to define the correct next steps.


Whether you have a mold concern, potential health hazard, or just looking for peace of mind Coast To Coast is here to help and use their extensive knowledge and state of the are equipment to assist you in any way possible.


Mold can be found anywhere within a home or commercial building, Various techniques, containment, and equipment are used in all remediation projects to ensure there is no cross-contamination to unaffected rooms or areas.

Water Damage

We will assess all water damage incidents or concerns, the first step is to determine the most appropriate drying plan. Using state-of-the-art strategies and equipment, will be sure to dry all structures back to pre-loss condition.


When mold is visible to the naked eye a lot of times there are airborne mold spores that are not visible. Fogging along with other techniques has shown great success over the years. Post-testing is the best way to show the success of any mold remediation projects.


Various deodorizing products and equipment assist with achieving desired results in regards to deodorizing, however our main initial focus is to get to the root of the issue. Skipping this step can lead to unnecessary delays and elevated costs.

Lead Abatement

The first step to ensuring lead abatement projects are safe for all involved, it is crucial to hire professionals from the offset. Our crew of technicians will take all necessary steps to ensure the scope of work is conducted exactly as outlined.

Asbestos Testing

Whether you need asbestos testing for an upcoming remediation project, renovations or a full survey for peace of mind Coast To Coast is here to help.

Hear From Our Customers

"Heartfelt thanks to Coast to Coast Abatements! Your exceptional mold remediation services at St. Anthony Church have been a true blessing. Your expertise in residential and commercial mold remediation, non-invasive air quality mold remediation, attic mold remediation, and water damage services ensured a swift and thorough restoration of our sacred space. The professionalism and dedication of your team have not gone unnoticed. St. Anthony Church is not just a place of worship; it's a community hub. Thanks to Coast to Coast Abatements, we can continue our mission without disruption, providing a safe and healthy environment for our congregation. We highly recommend Coast to Coast Abatements for their meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive approach to mold remediation. Thank you for your invaluable support and commitment to excellence!"

St. Anthony Church

Over 28 years of combined experience.
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